The Jackson Consultancy and Business Works sparked from the owner Tamika Whitney Jackson who always had a passion for seeing others succeed, especially if she had a role in helping them to do so.

Ms. Jackson discovered her talent whilst completing her first degree in Trinidad and Tobago. Her fellow classmates would frequently come to her for assistance with their presentations and assignments, which always resulted in high marks and great feedback.
On graduating from her BA in Business Management at Anglia Ruskin University, Tamika first begun shaping her professional skills at the Government's office: The Ministry of Social Development in Trinidad, as a Business Analyst. Her skills gained her recognition and rapid promotions throughout her career.

On moving to the United States, Tamika has had the opportunity to showcase her talents with the New York City Department of Buildings as a Technical Writer. Shortly after being hired, her professionalism and charisma got her promoted to the Training and Development team. This opportunity led to Tamika's work being a part of the well-known city's project - DOB NOW.

As her skills and expertise are now well developed Tamika founded The Jackson Consultancy & Business Works to contribute and aid individuals, especially students and business owners achieve their success.

On being able to spot talent and great quality work, Tamika brought together a team of experts that will represent 'Maximizing Your Potential.' This is her motto, since she believes that once a person gets the right start, any goal can be attained.